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Using Amazon Seller Networks with Geniuslink
Using Amazon Seller Networks with Geniuslink
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What is an Amazon Seller Network?

Amazon Seller Networks like Levanta, Archer Affiliates, and MaverickX are platforms that facilitate affiliate marketing collaborations between Amazon sellers and influencers or creators.

How are Seller Networks different from Amazon Associates?

First, it is important to emphasize that your links can earn from both Amazon Associates and Seller Networks simultaneously. There really is no downside to joining a Seller Network and connecting it to your Geniuslink account!

The biggest difference between Amazon Associates and seller networks is where your earnings come from. With Amazon Associates, your commission comes from Amazon. With a Seller Network, your commission comes from the seller on Amazon. (The brand or retailer selling the product)

Since this is a more direct relationship with the seller, the commissions offered are often much higher (per sale) than those from Amazon Associates.

The other big difference is the number of products supported by these programs. With Amazon Associates, entire categories of products are supported. However, with Seller Networks, only products from participating sellers will earn you additional commissions. Currently, the number of participating sellers is relatively small but has been growing rapidly since Seller Networks were introduced in 2023.


Structure and Focus:

  • Amazon Associates is Amazon's own affiliate marketing program. It allows website owners, bloggers, and content creators to monetize their traffic by placing links to Amazon products. When a user clicks on these links and makes a purchase on Amazon, the affiliate earns a commission.

  • Seller Networks like Levanta or Archer Affiliates are third-party platforms that connect Amazon sellers directly with influencers or creators like yourself to promote their products. These networks often offer more tailored affiliate programs and may provide additional tools and services to help sellers and influencers collaborate more effectively.

Participants and Relationships:

  • In Amazon Associates, participants are generally content creators or website owners who link to a wide range of Amazon products. Their relationship is primarily with Amazon, and they earn commissions based on the sales generated through their affiliate links.

  • In Seller Networks, the relationships are more direct between Amazon sellers and the influencers or creators. These networks facilitate partnerships where sellers can work closely with influencers to promote specific products, often with negotiated terms and more personalized collaborations.

Commissions and Fees:

  • With Amazon Associates, commission rates are set by Amazon and can vary by product category.

  • In Seller Networks, commission rates can be more flexible and are often negotiated between the seller and the influencer. These networks may also offer different pricing models and may not have the same fee structure as Amazon Associates.

Currently Supported Amazon Seller Networks

Levanta helps Amazon sellers create their own affiliate programs, allowing them to recruit creators, generate revenue reports, and manage affiliate commission payments. Levanta has grown rapidly, boasting a community of nearly 2,000 creators and over 500 brands.

Archer Affiliates is unique from Levanta in that they review & approve publishers at the network level. This means you won’t need to apply for individual brands, and can start driving clicks to any supported products as soon as you’ve signed up. This can save you the headache and may quickly open some doors!

NOTE: At time of writing (1/1/24) both Archer Affiliates and Levanta only support attribution for products on (US)

Getting Started with Levanta

Step 1: Sign up -

Step 2: Apply for Brands/Products

Once your account is approved for Levanta you will then need to apply for the individual sellers. The quickest way to do this is to use the navigation in the top left corner and go: Discovery > Product Catalog > Search and search for brands or products you promote or want to promote. From the results, click on the product and then click to apply to that seller.

Note: Sellers are typically pretty quick to approve new applications, (approximately 24-48 hours) but let us know if you are waiting more than a couple of business days.

Step 3: Retrieve your Levanta API Key

To connect your Levanta account with your Geniuslink account, you’ll need your Levanta API key, which you’ll be able to find within your Levanta dashboard under Settings > API

Step 4: Connect your Levanta Account with Geniuslink

Jump over to your Geniuslink dashboard and click on the Affiliate tab. From there select “Levanta'' from the “Add a Program'' dropdown, and paste in your Levanta API Key, then hit save.

For further information on how to Get Started with Levanta, we highly recommend you check out their own Knowledge Base for Creators here.

Getting Started with Archer Affiliates

Step 2: Connect your Archer Affiliates Account with Geniuslink

Jump over to your Geniuslink dashboard and click on the Affiliate tab. From there select “Archer'' from the “Add a Program” dropdown, and paste in your Archer Affiliates Username and Password, then hit save.

Testing Your Amazon Seller Network Connections


After connecting your Levanta account to your Geniuslink account, you should start seeing attribution applied to any links you create that point to approved Amazon ASINs in your Levanta dashboard.

Unfortunately, verifying that the link is attributing correctly is slightly more difficult to confirm than Archer - when Levanta attribution is applied to a link, the same parameter (aa_adgroupid) can be seen in the final destination, but the value itself may not be something you recognize. Typically your Levanta attributed links will look something like this:

What you’re seeing in this parameter is called the “Link ID” and this value is generated dynamically by Levanta for each unique product/link you share. Whenever we detect that a link to a Levanta supported product has received a click, we’ll check to see if your connected Levanta account is approved for that product, then request that Levanta generates a corresponding link in their system to use for attribution.

To confirm that your links are indeed attributing correctly, login to your Levanta dashboard and navigate to “My Links” in the sidebar.

Once here, search for the “aa_adgroupid” value seen in your link - if you see a result in your Levanta dashboard for the product link you created in your Geniuslink account, that means you are approved for the product in question, and the value being appended to that link should be earning you commission.

Of course, similar to Archer, you can also navigate to the Reports section in your Levanta account to verify that clicks are being properly attributed for the approved products you share.


Currently there is no Amazon Seller Network-specific reporting inside the Geniuslink dashboard. This will come in future updates!

In the interim, we encourage you to use the reporting found inside the Amazon Seller Network dashboards.

Please note that there are some challenges with Amazon Seller Network reporting in general that are inherited from the Attribution API, the key piece of Amazon technology that powers Amazon seller networks.

These challenges include:

  • Delay - Expect about a 24 hour lag in sales / commissions to be reported. Further,

  • Critical mass - Without a sale, Amazon needs to see 10 clicks on a link before they will report on raw clicks.


Q: “Why am I not seeing my attribution being applied when I click my links?”

A: For both Archer Affiliates and Levanta, we use the “first click” on a given product link to queue up generation of the corresponding attribution link for your account. This means that the very first click on your new link will not have attribution applied, but attribution will be applied for every click after.

Additionally, for Levanta it’s important to verify that the link you’re clicking is to a product/brand that you have been approved for. If you are not approved for that product/brand, you will not see attribution applied to your link.

Q: “How can I verify that I have been approved for a brand in Levanta?”

A: The easiest way to verify that you have been approved for a brand/product in Levanta is to simply login to your Levanta dashboard

Q: “How does Amazon seller network support work with Amazon localization?”

A: Because Archer Affiliates and Levanta currently only support attribution for product links, we’ll only be able to apply attribution for clicks to That said, this still works in conjunction with our automatic localization feature, so any links that localize to and point to a supported product will still be attributed.

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