In this article, we’ll be walking through how to find and connect your eBay Affiliate Account to your Geniuslink account so you can start earning commissions from yet another great affiliate program.

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Obtaining your Campaign ID

To obtain your Campaign ID, please first log into the eBay Partner Network. Once you're logged in, click on the Campaigns tab at the top of your screen.

From your campaigns page, copy one of the campaign IDs. You can pick whichever you like.

* Please also note that if you have more than one campaign ID, you can use our Groups & Affiliate Overrides feature to customize the eBay affiliation on a per group basis.

Once you've copied this ID go to the “Affiliate” section in the Geniuslink Dashboard. Click on the blue “Add a program” button and select “eBay US (EPN)” from the drop-down menu. Then, enter the Campaign ID you just grabbed.

That’s it! Once you have your Campaign ID pasted into Geniuslink, click the blue “Connect this program” button. Your Campaign ID value will be added to your Geniuslink account and all of your links for will start using the tracking info appropriate for your affiliate account.

If you would like to replace your Campaign ID, simply follow the same steps for adding a program, or select “Remove” and repeat this process.

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