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Where to Go From Here

Congrats on taking the first steps!

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Congrats on working your way through our intro guide! You should now have a basic understanding of the core features we offer here at Geniuslink. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Depending on your needs there are multiple paths forward from here. 

What Can Geniuslink Do For Me?

If you’re an Amazon Associate, we offer a handful of bespoke tools to help you optimize your global traffic. Our 5-step translation algorithm automatically finds product matches across the various Amazon storefronts, while our automatic affiliation ensures that your region-specific tracking ID is included when we redirect a click to their local storefront. We provide an Amazon Link Health Monitor, so you’ll know when one of your links goes out of stock.

You can learn more about these tools in our Amazon Associates section, or get started right away using our Geniuslink + Amazon intro guide.

For those looking to expand beyond Amazon, we provide [auto-affiliation] support for a growing list of affiliate programs. Our partnerships with Skimlinks and Sovrn/Commerce (formerly Viglink) allow you to build affiliate short links to tens of thousands of retailers without signing up with them individually. Once we have your affiliate information, just drop a raw product URL into our dashboard and we’ll make sure you get affiliated. 

For those looking to truly customize their links, check out our guides for using Advanced Links and Choice Pages. These will allow you to tailor your customers’ experiences to their unique needs to ensure that they get the best purchasing experience possible. Advanced links allow you to send customers to different destinations based on their location, device, language, timestamp, and more, while Choice pages allow you offer them a customizable landing page to choose their favorite destination. Use these in combination to truly customize their purchasing experience!

To learn about how to build branded short links on a custom domain, click here.

Have more specific questions? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions section, or feel free to reach out to us at Happy linking!

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