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How to Add Your Affiliate IDs
Adding your Amazon Affiliate Parameters to Geniuslink
Adding your Amazon Affiliate Parameters to Geniuslink

Connect your Amazon tracking IDs one at a time on the Affiliate page

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To add your Amazon Associates Affiliate parameters to the Geniuslink Dashboard, check out our step-by-step YouTube guide, or follow simple steps below:

  1. Copy your Tracking ID from the upper left hand corner of your screen. For example: "georiot-20"

  2. Next, navigate to the Affiliate page within your Geniuslink dashboard.

  3. Under the 'Your Affiliate Programs' header, click on the Add a program button.

  4. Select the Amazon storefront your ID belongs to from the drop-down menu, then paste your Tracking ID into the field provided

  5. You will see a success message, and be able to see that your affiliate ID has been added to the Dashboard. Please note: you will need to do this for each of the international Associates Programs that you are signed up for.

(This video is a bit outdated, but the process is very similar.)

How to test that your Amazon link is Affiliating

To test that your Amazon link is affiliating, build an Amazon link by first copying the URL of the page on Amazon directly from the address bar of the page.

*Because you have added your Amazon ID to your affiliate page, you will never need to grab affiliate links from that program’s affiliate dashboard.

Then, create a link with that URL by using the link creator on your links page.

From there, find your link and click on it.

On the page you land on, investigate the URL to see if our service added your ID. If your link was correctly affiliated, you will see your ID in the URL to the right of "tag=" like in the highlighted sections below.

If it was, then great! You're all set. If not, please ensure that your ID is added correctly to your Affiliate page and there are no typos in your ID.

If you have any questions or issues, please get in touch with our support team at

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