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How to Add Your Affiliate IDs
Adding your Partnerize iTunes Affiliate Token to Geniuslink
Adding your Partnerize iTunes Affiliate Token to Geniuslink

To affiliate your iTunes links, you'll need to connect your affiliate token first. Here's how:

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To add your Partnerize iTunes affiliate token to the Geniuslink Dashboard, check out our step-by-step YouTube guide, or follow these simple steps:

  1. Sign in to your Partnerize dashboard

  2. Copy your "affiliate token" from the upper right corner of your screen. They usually start with two numbers, followed by a lowercase L.
    For example: 11lcbc

  3. Next, navigate to the Affiliate page within your Geniuslink dashboard.

  4. Click on the Connect an affiliate program button, and paste your affiliate token into the space provided.

  5. Once pasted, the menu will expand to say that we have auto detected the ID

  6. Next simply select Partnerize: iTunes Affiliate Program from the dropdown menu, and click Connect this Program
    โ€‹Note: this step may take a few seconds to load due to the large number of countries supported by iTunes.

  7. Once this has loaded you will see a success message, and that all of the iTunes affiliate countries have been added to your dashboard. You're good to go!

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