The way that our billing system was written, you pay for every 'bucket' of 2000 clicks. (Some legacy plans used a different size bucket.)

There has been some confusion from time to time, and some clients have been left thinking we don't invoice them until they break this  threshold of 2000 clicks. Unfortunately this is a misunderstanding. Our current plans don't feature a 'free clicks' threshold, and any amount of clicks between 0-2000 will be charged as one bucket. 

The cost of one bucket of clicks acts as the base cost to support a Genius Link subscription.

Here's some examples of our 'pay per bucket of 2000 clicks' pricing:
0, 24, or 1950 clicks = 1 bucket.
2001, 2460, or 3999 clicks = 2 buckets.
24001 clicks = 13 buckets.

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