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How to add your Microsoft Media Partner ID

Find and connect your Microsoft credentials!

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In this article, we’ll be walking through how to find and connect your Microsoft Affiliate Account to your Geniuslink account so you can start earning commissions from yet another great affiliate program.

Don’t have a Microsoft affiliate account yet? Sign up here!

Obtaining your Media Partner ID

On your Impact Radius dashboard click the Impact Radius Icon (or Microsoft logo) in the top left corner. A dropdown menu will appear. Under your username for your Microsoft Affiliate account there will be a 7 digit number, this number is your Media Partner ID. 

Copy this number and go to the “Affiliate” section in the Geniuslink Dashboard. Click on the blue “Add a program” button and select “Microsoft” from the drop down menu. Then, enter the Media Partner ID you just grabbed.

Once you have your Media Partner ID pasted into Geniuslink, click the blue “Connect this program” button. Your Media Partner ID value will be added into your Geniuslink account and all of your links for will start using the tracking info appropriate for your affiliate account. 


By signing up for the US Microsoft Affiliates program, you will automatically be registered for all 16 global programs under the same 7 digit Media Partner ID. Make sure to enter this 7 digit Media Partner ID for every Microsoft Affiliate Program you'd like to affiliate with on the Affiliate page of your Geniuslink Dashboard.

At this time we only support one Microsoft Media Partner ID per Genius Link account. It’s not possible to set up Affiliate Overrides on a per-group basis, but stay tuned in the coming months as we enable this feature for Microsoft as well!

If you would like to replace your Media Partner ID, simply follow the same steps for adding a program, or select “Remove” and repeat this process.

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