Amazon Link Engine and JavaScript Snippet Settings

What do the settings under Advanced Options do?

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If you’re using the Amazon Link Engine you may be unsure about what these two settings under Advanced options actually do.

“Preserve Amazon URLs until click time enabled”

This setting is enabled by default. When you have “Preserve Amazon URLs until click time” enabled, your links will appear unconverted when the page loads, and only redirect through our translation once a user clicks your links. This helps you stay Amazon compliant because the links continue to read '' instead of '' (which would require some kind of disclaimer near each link). Please note that anyone who uses ‘open in a new tab’ will not be considered a click, and the link will not be converted into a link.

“Honor Existing Associate IDs”

This setting is disabled by default. Normally, our plugin/snippet will ignore the ID hardcoded to the link itself and apply what is currently in your default affiliate settings--or whatever affiliate overrides exist for the group you assigned the plugin/snippet to. With “Honor existing Associate IDs” enabled, the plugin will use whatever Associate ID is hardcoded onto the original link instead. 

The good news is that this feature (when enabled) will not prevent automatic affiliation for clicks from countries where that ID doesn't apply - if there's a US ID on the link, then it will be used instead of your default US ID. Clicks from other countries will use the IDs on your Affiliate page. This feature is useful if you were previously using per-article Associate IDs and don’t want them overridden, or if you have one primary audience that you’d like to track with increased granularity.

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