We are incredibly excited to announce that Geniuslink now supports automatic affiliation for your B&H product links!

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Getting Started

Navigate to the Affiliate tab of your Geniuslink account, click the “Add a program” button, then select “B&H” from the drop-down list.

Adding your KBID

The B&H Photo affiliate program will assign you a KBID Affiliate ID number when your application has been approved. You should receive notice via email once you have been approved, which will also include your ID and sign-in information.  

Copy the KBID number from your email, then paste this into the Affiliate ID field in the “Connect an Affiliate Program” dialogue box in your Geniuslink account. 

That’s it! Once you have your KBID number pasted into Geniuslink, click on “Connect this Program” to save the setting and you should now see B&H appear under “Connected B&H Programs”.

Note: At this time we only support one KBID number per Genius Link account. It’s not possible to set up Affiliate Overrides on a per-group basis just yet, but stay tuned in the coming months as we enable this feature for B&H as well!

Additionally, if you would like to replace your KBID, simply follow the same steps for adding a program, or select “Remove” and repeat this process.

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