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Business Plan FAQ
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Can I use a branded domain?

Yes! Your Business Plan includes access to one custom domain. There are a few options for configuring these so please check out our basic and advanced guide for more information.

What kind of programmatic link generating options do you offer?

We’ve got a WordPress plugin and equivalent Javascript Snippet that can be applied to websites. Our quickbuild format can be built into custom functions. All three of those options create longform links, which are reported differently than our manual links.

Beyond those options, our API can be used to generate links in bulk. It can build simple & advanced links, set per-link affiliate overrides, and more. Advanced API support is exclusive to our Business Plan clients.

What sort of reporting do you offer?

Our reporting is focused primarily on clicks - if you’re more hands-on, we recommend that you sign up for our free trial to get a feel for our reporting engine. Custom reports are available by request for Business Plan clients. Please reach out to us if you have specific custom reporting needs that need to be met.

What kind of tracking is available?

We support retargeting pixels supplied by Facebook and Google Adwords. Generic pixels from other platforms can be used for links that carry your custom domain. We also support UTM parameters and will include them with your links if you've enabled your domain to be UTM compatible.

What sort of uptime do you have? 

All links are processed by us, and we uphold the same uptime standard we provide for those links to all of our clients.  We take our uptime very seriously and we're very proud of our client support. You can learn more about our infrastructure here, and view our real time uptime monitor here.

What’s the 50% click discount?

We offer a volume discount to our standard plans, where a client can earn a 50% discount once they reach 100k clicks. On our Business Plan, the 50% discount is applied immediately, so all clicks cost $10 per 10000.

Flexible Billing Arrangements

If keeping the company card on file isn’t going to work for you, please reach out to us to discuss our flexible billing options.

Can I integrate your service with my business/app?

Yes. We’ve seen clients use our API or Quickbuild method to implement our intelligent links into their app, service, or website.


Can I migrate my existing links?

Yes. We have performed successful migrations from and As long as we’re able to migrate your custom domain over to Genius link. It shouldn’t be a problem to also move over any links associated with that domain. If you have a database of link destinations, please reach out to us about the best way to turn those into links!

How many links can I build?

We bill for click volume. There is no limit to how many links you can build, and you won’t be charged extra for generating too many links.

Can I view Amazon/iTunes conversion data in the Genius Link dashboard?

We can’t display conversion or commission data because Amazon doesn’t make it available to us. We are able to report on iTunes commissions and conversions, once you’ve configured our dashboard properly.

Do you support team accounts?

Yes! Sub accounts allow multiple sets of login credentials to be grouped under one ‘account’. Each sub user has their own link list, groups, and reports. The click totals of each sub account are tallied up and handled as one invoice to the primary account.

If your company requires a security audit, questionnaire or service level agreement, please reach out to us.

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