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How do I use more than one set of Affiliate Tracking IDs?
How do I use more than one set of Affiliate Tracking IDs?

For those using multiple IDs for one country or managing multiple websites

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You may have noticed that the Affiliate page only allows one tracking ID per storefront at a time (e.g. adding a second US ID will overwrite the first).

If you have many different tracking ID (perhaps you've got some for particular articles, or if you're managing multiple websites) then you can add them to your Genius Link dashboard using Groups and Overrides!

You'll want to check out the above article for the most detailed information, but here's a brief summary:

Essentially, the IDs connected to the Affiliate page represent the 'Default Affiliate Settings'. These are the IDs that will be used on all of your links, unless you set up an exception. We call these exceptions 'Overrides', and they exist on a per-group basis.

Here's the process for setting up a Group to use a different set of IDs:

  1. Head over to the Groups page, and create a new Group [we could call it 'WebsiteB' as an example]

  2. Head to the Affiliate Page and click 'Manage Affiliate Overrides'

  3. Select the new Group [WebsiteB] from the drop-down menu

  4. Add in the alternate set of Associate IDs, one for each storefront.

  5. The IDs you added will now be used for every link in the 'WebsiteB' Group. All you need to do is move any links into this group that you want them to use these new IDs.

There isn't an easy way to move a bunch of links into a group in bulk, unfortunately. 

1. Find the link on your list that you want to move
2. Click the small gear icon to the right of the link and select Edit Link
3. Click the folder icon just below the link's URL at the top of the window to change the Group for that link
4. Click Save or Update.

You can also easily move a link into a group when you're building it for the first time,
also by clicking the same folder button.

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