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If a product you're linking to goes out of stock, you'll want to know

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Starting with a good Amazon link is important to not only localizing it, and properly monetizing your international audience, but also for maximizing conversions from your local traffic.

The new Amazon Link Health Monitor feature will now alert you about two major challenges that could impact the functionality of your links: it being Out of Stock or Unavailable in the API.

Amazon products are constantly updating, going out of stock, or being pulled from the marketplace entirely, which can lead to broken links, or unexpected link behavior. Linking to a product that is in stock and available to be bought results in higher conversions and higher earnings per click while linking to a product that is no longer available is a bad user experience and can significantly impact your commissions.

Because we rely on the Amazon Product API for our Link Translation to properly localize a link for other international Amazon storefronts, the localization can sometimes be a challenging task when information about the product isn't available. Often when the Amazon API can't return the appropriate meta data about a product our options for translation are reduced.
To help improve transparency and bring reassurance to everyone that their links will always work properly, we've created the Amazon Link Health Monitor - the newest Geniuslink feature that will alert you when the original link destination breaks so that you can fix it and continue driving traffic!

How Does it Work?

The Amazon Link Health Monitor continuously monitors the clicks on your Amazon links, and checks for errors that may cause a failure in translation, as well as for products that may have gone out of stock. When we detect a link that is no longer translating properly, we'll add an alert to the top of your Home Page. The higher the link is in the list, the more clicks it got that resulted in one of the two types of errors.

Types of Link Errors

"Unable to localize": Since we're not receiving product information from the Amazon API, we can't take advantage of our full product matching algorithms to find the product across Amazon's regional storefronts. Please note you can still set per-country destinations manually by editing this link and adding Advanced Targets.
​"Out of stock": The product is out of stock. Note that the out-of-stock status can be temporary! Be sure to test the links and use your best judgment when deciding whether to change a link destination.

Resolving Link Errors

"Update link": This will pull up the edit screen of your link so you can change the destination of your shortlink.

"See page": The pulls up a list of where we've detected your Quick-Built (ALE or JS Snippet converted) links are located.

"N/A": We couldn't detect where your link was published (no referrer information), but we encourage you to locate and fix them.

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