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Direct traffic from one link to multiple destinations, filtered by region, device, OS, date, or language

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Our Advanced Options allow you to combine any of the powerful features we have into a single link! 

You could create an A/B split test for Android devices to see if they convert higher on Google Play or Amazon, or create a unique Landing Page for different countries. You can even override the default Amazon and iTunes behavior by setting country overrides if you’d like as well!

This is an incredibly useful tool, that allows you to combine any and all of our other link types into (probably) the most powerful link in the world, in order to give your customers the absolute best possible experience.

1. To get started, navigate to the Links Page, click New... then select Advanced

2. This will bring you to the Link options page, where you can mix and match any of our features to create the ultimate link, and the best possible experience for your customers!

3. Next, paste a link into the "URL" the space provided. This link will simply be used if all else fails to ensure that your customers do not receive a poor experience. In addition, you can make this link an A/B Split destination or a Choice Page if you would like to make your link even more powerful.

4. Once you have added your link, you can then add Advanced rules to your link, to personalize the experience for all of your customers. These will be in the form of "If/Then" scenarios based on the Date, OS, Device type, Country, Language, etc. (Pro Tip: Remember that you can also add A/B Split Destinations or Choice Pages to any of these rules by clicking on the the "Gear" icon!)

5. This allows you to customize where your link sends your customer based on the factors shown above. For Example:

6. Once you have completed your list of advanced targeting rules, simply click Save, and you are done! Your brand new advanced link will now automatically send your customers to the best place for them to purchase the products you are promoting!

(Pro Tip: Did you forget a link? Did something change since you built your link? No Problem! Simply click the gear icon next to the link you want to change and select Edit.)

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