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Straightforward links with just one destination

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When it comes to shortening your links with Genius Link, the most basic link you can create is what we call a Simple Link.

Simple Links are great if you want to optimize your links for iTunes and Amazon, or just as a way to shorten any link! 

All links built programmatically are Simple Links.

Here's what you can do with a Simple Link:

Create your own custom "vanity URL" suffix, to enhance your marketing efforts. 

Please note: Codes are case sensitive, and special characters and spaces are not valid.

Organize using Groups

Stay organized by grouping your links, and get access to by-group analytics to track your click data coming from different places. Learn More.

Add Tracking Tags

Tracking Tags help you analyze link performance from yet another angle, at another level of granularity.  For example, use the tags "Facebook" and "Twitter" for the links you post to each, then compare your clicks, commissions, etc. between the two.

Add Notes

This can be used any way you see fit. Leave a note for the rest of the team, or jot down something you don't want to forget.

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