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Does Geniuslink work with banner ads?
Does Geniuslink work with banner ads?

If you can specify the destination link of the ad, then you're in business!

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If you're building custom banner ads, you're probably in luck. As long as you can determine the destination link for a banner ad, you can easily insert a manually built link!

Banner ads supplied by Amazon don't allow you to change the destination of the ad, and while they lead to an Amazon product, they don't often direct traffic with a raw product URL.ย 

If you check the destination URL on an Amazon banner, it's usually something like Our Amazon Link Engine (& JavaScript Snippet) is unable to convert a link like this, as it's not an actual product link.

If you happen to have a banner ad that uses the product URL format, such as, then you could employ the ALE or JS Snippet to convert this into a globalized link!

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