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Understanding the iTunes specific report data points
Understanding the iTunes specific report data points

Comm, EPC & TCS for iTunes reports

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Within the Geniuslink Dashboard, you'll see several data points across all of the available metrics. Here's a break down of what each data point is, and why it matters to you.

Clicks: Total clicks for specific time range. Lets you know how many times your link has been clicked through. Note: This does not include bots, but does include any testing you may have done.

Comm: Commissions in USD earned through your tracked links. Lets you see how much each metric has earned you during the specified time period.

EPC: "Earnings Per Click" is comm. divided by clicks, and is a great way to compare how well your links are doing. 

TCS: The "True Conversion Score" measures the percentage of clicks that turned into a sale of that actual product, or it's parent.
For example - You link to a song, and someone purchases the song. Or you link to song and someone purchases the full album. That'd be an actual conversion because the song is included.

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