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Introducing The YouTube Link Optimizer
Introducing The YouTube Link Optimizer
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If you’re a creator on YouTube looking to make some extra income, you’re probably already using affiliate links to recommend products you use or review.

However, these links can start to stack up quickly, and before long you may end up with hundreds or thousands of links throughout your channel, all while still leaving valuable international commissions on the table.

Even worse, this means that if you want to begin using an intelligent link management service like Geniuslink to start earning those commissions, that can feel like a big commitment – especially if you need to go back and replace all those affiliate links across dozens of videos.

Do your descriptions look like this?

We know how much of a pain this can be, so we’ve created a service that automatically converts and replaces any existing links in your video descriptions with their link equivalent.

You just specify whether you want to convert the links for your entire channel, a specific playlist, or individual videos, and we’ll detect any or short links you’ve previously shared. We’ll then generate these links in your Geniuslink account, and automatically swap them out within each video description!

If you’re interested in taking advantage of this service, just reach out to our support team (or contact us via Intercom) and let them know you’d like to convert your existing links. This is currently just an internal tool, so we’ll handle the entire process for you – you just need to specify which videos you want to convert the links for.

After that, simply authorize the tool to allow us to make changes to your video descriptions and we’ll handle the rest! When the tool runs, we’ll contact the YouTube API to grab the descriptions from whichever videos you specify, then we’ll scan through the descriptions looking for or links (or whichever domain you’re using) to convert the links.

Doing anything in bulk is always a little scary, so before making any changes, we’ll also create a backup of the original video descriptions to ensure this process is reversible if you don’t like the results or decide to leave the service. This allows us to replace all the newly converted links with their original destinations without any extra work from your side should things not work out to your satisfaction.

That’s all there is to it! This is just a simple tool we built to help provide a little more value to our YouTube clientele, but we hope this proves useful whether you’re just getting started with Geniuslink, or haven’t had a chance to switch out your old links yet. Let us know if you have any questions about how to get started and we’ll be happy to help!

Check out our YouTube Link Optimizer walkthrough video for more information on how this feature works.

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