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Disable Affiliation
Disable Affiliation
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What does Disabling Affiliation do?

In some cases, one may want to disable affiliation on a link while still taking advantage of the localization and tracking Geniuslink provides. The Disable Affiliation feature now offers this option to disable affiliation for links for any new or existing Simple Links created.

Why would I want to use this feature?

Here are some use cases on why someone would want to use the Disable Affiliation feature.

When using affiliation to earn commissions from our list of supported retailers, disabling affiliation for your links prevents violating terms of service from affiliate programs like Amazon. When building out a Simple Link, by default, it’s automatically affiliated (if the tracking ID is already uploaded to the Affiliate page).

So, if someone wants to remove the affiliate parameter from the link, we now support this option for Simple Links. For example, in the terms of service agreement with Amazon Affiliates, an affiliate link cannot be used in a newsletter, book (ebook, PDF, or hardcopy), ads, and/or QR codes. Using an affiliated link in these types of content will result in the potential termination of an Amazon Affiliates account. So, to prevent violating the terms of service, unchecking the “Earn money with your x saved affiliate programs” and saving your simple link that way is now affiliate TOS compliant and can be used in a newsletter, book (ebook, PDF, or hardcopy), ads, and/or QR codes safely.

How to use the feature inside the dashboard

To disable affiliation for links, click on the Links tab inside the Dashboard > Gear icon > Edit. From there, uncheck this box when editing a simple link or building a new one.

If this box is still checked, the default affiliate information listed in the Affiliate Tab of your Geniuslink dashboard will be automatically appended to your link,

To disable affiliation for your Simple Link, uncheck the box, and the link will no longer inherit the default affiliate information. This will ensure that your links are no longer affiliated or that the original affiliate information previously added to the link is preserved.

Click the hyperlink to watch our demo of the Disable Affiliation feature: Watch video

Note: This check box will only show up if the destination link is a currently supported retailer (ie. Amazon, Walmart, BestBuy, etc.). Right now, this is only available when editing Simple Links or building out a new Simple Link.

Wrapping Up

This is only available at the link level for now and only for the supported affiliate programs we have. However, we hope to continue to update this feature going forward to make it more customizable at a group level. Stay tuned!

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