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Product Search for Choice Pages

Get started building a Choice Page just by typing in a product name!

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In addition to our powerful product suggestions feature, you can now simply search directly inside of the Choice Page link creator for any product, and we will provide you with the best possible results across nearly 100 different US retailers, including! This means that you never even have to leave your Geniuslink dashboard to find that product you want to promote across all of the retailers you love.

To get started, first click to build a new Choice Page from inside of your dashboard

Next, simply type in the search keywords for the product you are looking for directly into the destination field, and hit enter.

We will automatically search across the growing number of retailers we have support for and provide you with a list of products that you can easily view and select to quickly add product links to your Choice Page.

Once you have selected the destinations you would like to add to your choice page, simple select the "Back" button, review your choice page, and make any additional changes that you would like. For instance, you can search again using different keywords, paste in any additional destinations, reorder destinations, change the title or call to action, update images, etc.

Please note: While we always recommend including retailers outside of Amazon in order to diversify your affiliate revenues, we strongly recommend that you still include an Amazon link in your Choice Page, as many of your customers will want to compare prices and may still prefer the ease of shopping on Amazon.

Once your final changes have been made, simply select the "Save" button, and your new choice page is ready to promote! For example:

Additionally, we have hand-selected all of these suggested retailers, to ensure that you will be able to easily affiliate any of the links that you add to your Choice Page. For the programs that we have direct affiliate support for, you can simply add your affiliate ids for that program directly to the Affiliate page in your dashboard and we will take care of the rest. Learn more about how to add your affiliate ids for each of these programs.

Or, if you prefer, you can simply add your Skimlinks or Sovrn Commerce (aka Viglink) API information to your dashboard, to automatically cover affiliation for all of these retailers.

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