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Here’s a quick breakdown of what you’ll find under each tab of our dashboard.

Home — Access to an incredible amount of reporting metrics to help you enhance your marketing efforts

Links — Where you build, edit and manage all of your links.

Groups  — The primary method of organizing your links for tracking purposes.

Affiliate — Insert your affiliate IDs into our dashboard once and we’ll always apply them to your links as part of the redirect.

Reports — Want more than just the top 10 results shown on the homepage? Dive deeper with our reporting wizard.

Tools — Miscellaneous integrations: JavaScript Snippet and Amazon / iTunes Wordpress Plugins. Generate API keys. Opt out of our Newsletter and mid-month report emails.

Account — Here you can view your invoices, billing history, account profile, and cancel your account. To access the Account page, click on your profile icon on the top-right of the dashboard and click 'Account'. 

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