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Link Creation Overview
Link Creation Overview

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There are different approaches to building your links! We offer flexible links built manually within our dashboard, and programmatic tools for converting links in bulk.

Manual Link Creation

The basics. Build shortened links and measure your traffic. Destinations can be edited at any time from within our dashboard. If you’re linking to one of our supported programs, we’ll automatically apply your Affiliate tracking IDs. 

If you’re linking to Amazon, we’ll automatically locate international product matches and redirect your traffic accordingly with your region-specific Associate ID attached.

Lots of power here! Manually assemble a custom link that will redirect traffic to one of multiple destinations of your choosing. You can set rules for country, language, device, date, and/or operating system. The rules you set can lead traffic to A/B test links or even Choice Pages. Freakish levels of customization!

Build out a custom landing page with buttons leading to different retailers/destinations. Letting your audience choose where to shop is a class act. A great tool to have when you need to build out a landing page ASAP.

Direct traffic from one link to multiple destinations at random, split up using the probability that you choose. Often used for testing the respective performance of multiple landing pages, or if you want to split the traffic from one link to multiple retailers.

Programmatic Link Creation

If building links individually doesn’t suit your needs, we’ve still got you covered. 

Our most popular options are our Amazon Link Engine WordPress Plugin and equivalent Javascript Snippet for non-WordPress applications. Once configured, these tools will convert all the Amazon (or iTunes) links on your page into simple links every time the page loads.

We offer the Quickbuild format which can be used to convert a spreadsheet or database of (usually Amazon) links into our long-form links.

Business Plan clients can access our API for creating customized links in bulk. 

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