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Affiliation with Geniuslink
Affiliation with Geniuslink

How to monetize your links

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Now that you're familiar with our links, let’s talk about how to monetize them! 

Geniuslink provides auto-affiliation support for many different affiliate programs and we are adding more every month! 

What is Auto-Affiliation?

It’s as simple as this:

  1. Add your affiliate tracking IDs into our dashboard via the Affiliate page

  2. Build links using raw product URLs from your favorite retailers (they don’t need to be affiliate links!)

  3. When customers click your links, we will automatically add your correct affiliate tracking IDs for each storefront

You won’t need to include the affiliate tracking IDs in the URL of every link you build! Once we’ve got them on our affiliate page, we’ll apply them to your links automatically as part of the redirect. 

We call this Automatic Affiliation and we’re proud to offer this for a growing list of programs—including Amazon, B&H Photo, Walmart, Barnes & Noble, and BestBuy.

If you have an Amazon Associates ID, head on over to the Affiliate page and add it in—here’s how. If you’ve only got one for your home country, you’ll want to eventually apply to other programs

For information on the other programs we support (including Sovrn/Commerce (formerly Viglink) & Skimlinks), head over to our Affiliation Intro.

Otherwise, click the button below to learn about getting deeper insight into how your links are performing. 

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