Have you been using Amazon OneLink? 

Perhaps you’ve noticed that OneLink doesn’t perform as well as you expected, or that you can’t use it on sites you don’t manage, such as social media platforms. 

OneLink can be useful but we’re confident our premium service is stronger and more flexible. If you’d like to learn more about how our services compare please spend some time with this guide.

Thankfully, migrating your website from OneLink over to Geniuslink is very easy!

Our tools can replace OneLink

We offer a WordPress plugin (and corresponding Javascript Snippet for non-WordPress sites) that can immediately convert all the amazon.com (or any other amazon ccTLD: e.g. amazon.co.uk, amazon.ca, etc.) or amzn.to text links hardcoded onto your page into our Quick Build format buy.geni.us links.

Conveniently, once you’ve removed the OneLink script from your page, what remains are your original Amazon and amzn.to links, which are exactly what our plugin and snippet use to convert! 

To do this, just follow these steps:

  1. Next, install our WordPress plugin or Javascript Snippet on your page.

  2. Once completed make sure to refresh your cache.

  3. Test your links to confirm they're being converted by our tools.

Once that’s confirmed, you’re all set!

A few things to note: 

  1. The Amazon Associates program requires links going to Amazon be marked as such. This can be as easy as leaving the “Preserve URLs until click time” feature of the WordPress plugin enabled. When enabled, our plugin won’t actually convert the Amazon link into a buy.geni.us link until a link has been clicked, so any mouseover of a link will show the original link.  You can also simply add “Amazon” in near proximity of the link, like so:  

  2. The links generated by our WordPress plugin are Quick Build links (longform buy.geni.us links). These links localize and auto-affiliate for Amazon the same as our geni.us short links, however, there are some key distinctions between buy.geni.us links and geni.us links.

    Longform buy.geni.us links are simple links that always use our default translation results (where geni.us short links can have Advanced options added to override our link translation). Additionally, Quick Build links aren’t reported on a per-link basis the same way our geni.us short links are.

    You can read more about these differences here.

  3. While Amazon’s OneLink doesn’t offer per-link reporting, it’s possible with Geniuslink. If you want to achieve this, we’re going to want to convert your Amazon links (including amzn.to) on your page into geni.us short links. This method involves swapping each link out manually, but our Chrome Extension makes it as fast as possible. 

The fastest way to replace the amazon.com links on your page with geni.us short links.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Install our Chrome extension

  2. Locate the link on the page that you want to replace

  3. Open that link in a new window

  4. Using the Chrome extension, generate a short link directly from the amazon product page (just right click the page or click on the extension icon!)

  5. Paste the new geni.us link on the page.

  6. Delete or comment out the original link. 

Now you’ve got your geni.us short links on the page, which allow for per-link tracking!

If you don’t want to install our Chrome extension, you can achieve the same results just by copying the amazon URL to your clipboard and pasting it into our dashboard as a Simple link. 

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