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Why does my traffic list "None" as the referrer?
Why does my traffic list "None" as the referrer?

This is what we display when we process a link that contains no information in its referrer header.

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If you've spent a good deal of time poring over your click data, you've probably noticed the 'Referrers' tab of the mini-report. Often, a lot of traffic is reported as 'none' here. 

In this particular mini-report, we're simply displaying what gets passed along in the 'referrer header' of each click that we process. When we process a click that contains no information in the referrer header, we just display 'None' on our report. 

There are many scenarios that can cause that header to turn up blank, but it's usually the result of 'do not track' settings or other similar privacy extensions. 

In general, as the internet becomes more secure and encrypted, it's becoming harder for us to receive to referrer data reliably. 

We put together a blog article about the 'none' referrer results, which is definitely worth a quick read. You can find that here. 

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