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Why did I get charged? I had less than ____ clicks.
Why did I get charged? I had less than ____ clicks.
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Note: Our latest plan structure has a base cost for 2000 clicks, followed by a per-bucket cost for every 1000 clicks. You can learn more about which plan you have on this page.

We have offered many different styles of plans over the years and the most recent offerings feature a 'pay per bucket of 2000 clicks' model. The way that our billing system was written, you are invoiced for every 'bucket' of 2000 clicks. (Some legacy plans used a different size bucket.)

Despite our efforts, this pricing structure has led to some confusion. A common misunderstanding has given some clients the impression that they won't be invoiced until they meet this threshold of 2000 clicks. Unfortunately this is not the case - our billing infrastructure doesn't support this, and our plans don't feature a 'free clicks' threshold.

As a result any amount of clicks between 0-2000 will be charged as one bucket.

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