If you've attempted to sign up for every Amazon Associates program, it's likely that you noticed that it's rather difficult to apply for India, China, Japan, Brazil or Mexico. Some of these programs actually require that you have a local bank account or billable address. 

For most folks, this simply isn't feasible, but there are some third party entities that can help you!

CueLinks is an Indian company that makes it possible to sign up for Amazon India. You end up using one of their IDs and collecting your commissions from them. After Indian taxes and CueLinks' fees, you end up with about half of your total Amazon India commissions. If this interests you, please check out our CueLinks guide

Payoneer can be used to easily collect commissions from any international Amazon storefront, and it also allows you to sign up for China and Japan. The cost is very reasonable, as well. You can learn more with our 3-part Payoneer Guide.

At the moment, we can't recommend any solutions for collecting commissions from Mexico and Brazil, though it does sound like Amazon Mexico will allow international payments "soon".

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