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Is OneLink compatible with Geniuslink?
Is OneLink compatible with Geniuslink?


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Amazon's OneLink and Geniuslink's Amazon Link Engine WordPress plugin (and JavaScript Snippet) are not compatible.

The two services act like ancient sworn enemies, battling ceaselessly over who gets to convert your raw product URLs into globalized shortlinks. 

In the end, when the dust settles, there is no clear victor and the true loser is your user experience. 

Whether you've been using our tools for months or are just testing us out during the free trial, please remove Amazon's OneLink code snippet from your website.

Note: If you're using manually built links, then it's technically possible to use OneLink alongside Genius Link. shortlinks would be globalized by OneLink, and manually built links would be unaffected by OneLink's JavaScript. However, even if you're just trying to test the two services side by side, we wouldn't recommend this approach.

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