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Is the JavaScript Snippet (or WordPress Plugin) compatible with Amazon Native Ads / Text+Image links?
Is the JavaScript Snippet (or WordPress Plugin) compatible with Amazon Native Ads / Text+Image links?

No, it's not, unfortunately.

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Amazon Native Ads and Text+Image Links are awesome tools that serve up  product price, name and image into an iFrame on your page, from a external database.

Our programmatic converting tools (JavaScript Snippet and WordPress plugins) crawl the the page looking for raw product URLs to convert at the time of page load.

At the time of page load, when our tools are on the hunt for raw product URLs to convert, the iFrame is empty. Thus, the links don't get converted into globalized links.

As an aside, after the page loads, the raw product URL is present in the HTML of the page, but not when our tools are looking for them.

What's a raw product URL?

Raw product URLs look like this:

Note: shortlinks will also be properly converted by our tools.

Can Geniuslinks JavaScript Snippet / WordPress plugin convert third party ads, like those built by other WordPress plugins?


We've seen some clients have success with WordPress plugins that don't utilize iFrames.

It all depends on whether or not there is a raw product URL at the time of page load. To make the hunt for a compatible tool easier, we've put together a few articles blog articles about premium plugins that play well with Geniuslink and allow you to build your own equivalent to the default Amazon ads.

Follow these links to learn more about how to AmaLinks Pro, AAWP, and EasyAzon with Geniuslink!

How do I know if an ad uses an iFrame?

Using Google Chrome, you can right click the ad and select 'Inspect'. This'll let you look at the HTML of the element. You should see something like this:

If you notice the word iFrame somewhere in the code, that indicates that we won't be able to convert that product URL. 

If you don't see the iFrame element, you may be in luck! 

Ultimately, the fastest way to see if a non-iFrame ad system is compatible with our tools is to test it out manually by installing the JavaScript Snippet / WordPress plugin and seeing if the links get converted!


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