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In the years that we've been in business we have adopted several different approaches to pricing our service. As a result, not all of our plans have access to the same set of features.

We've had clients reach out from time to time with questions around this. Most commonly, folks on older plans want to know what plan they have, or whether they have access to a particular feature (usually retargeting pixels or Choice Pages).

We've had roughly five different plan types over the years.
They are: Billed, Core, Plus, Power, and our current offering.

Whenever we offer a new plan, it is available on an opt-in basis. We will not upgrade your account when we develop a new plan. Clients on older plans are considered "grandfathered in" under the plan they got when they opened their account. 

Here's a breakdown of our various benefits and which plans have access to them:

You can always see what plan you have in the 'Account settings & billing' section of the Account page, as shown below:

You're welcome to change your plan to the most current plan whenever you like! You can do this by clicking the 'View my plan..' button found on the Account page. 

DISCLAIMER: Our plan migrations are not backwards compatible. If you switch over to a new plan and then change your mind, you will not be able to switch back to the plan you previously had. Please do not make this choice lightly! If the plan you have meets your needs, please consider keeping it.

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