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How to add a Facebook pixel to your Geniuslink Account
How to add a Facebook pixel to your Geniuslink Account

How to insert a pixel code into our dashboard and add it to your links

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GDPR update: By default, as of May 25th, 2018, we will prevent retargeting pixels from being served to visitors in the EU, to help our clients stay compliant with GDPR guidelines. You can learn more and override this setting (by releasing Genius Link from the responsibility of obtaining consent from your visitors on your behalf) from the Tools page.

To add your new pixel to your Geniuslink account, you'll first need to have the pixel code snippet on hand.

How to find your Facebook Retargeting Pixel:

1. Log into your Facebook account and go to Events Manager.
2. Click on the Tools menu in the upper left of your screen.
3. Next click on "Events Manager."

4 a. If you've already set up your pixel, click "Add Events" on the next page and select "From a New Website"

4 b. If you haven't, on the next screen, click "Continue Pixel Setup"

5. Then, click "Install code manually"

6. Click "Copy Code" on the next page to copy your pixel to your clipboard

7. Log into your Geniuslinkaccount.
8. Navigate to the Tools page. Alternatively, click the Pixels tab on the Link Creator.
9. Click Add a Pixel

10. Paste in the code in its entirety and click Add this pixel.

Once you have added your tracking pixels to your Geniuslink account, you can now add them to each of your links in order to build custom audiences or retarget your visitors. To do this follow these steps:

1. Navigate to the Links page of your Geniuslink account.
2. If you are building a New link, simply paste your new link into the link creator. Otherwise, click the small gear icon to the right of the link you want to add a pixel to and select Edit link
3. Next, click on the Pixels tab, just below the link preview
4. The tracking pixels that you already added to your account will be displayed below, or you can add another pixel by selecting Add new pixel

5. Simply click the check box next to each pixel you want to attach to your link and click Save (or Update)

6. These pixels will now be fired each time someone clicks on your link!

The next step is to create a Custom Audience based on who clicks your pixeled links. Check out How to Create a Facebook Custom Audience for steps on how to do this!

Please note: Adding pixels to your links may affect the link's resolution speed.

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