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See the behavior of your links from other countries, devices, or OS

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Testing parameters for manually built geni.us links.

Are you using the Geni.us Link Creator Tool to build your links? 

The vast majority of our clients only test their links to see how they redirect from other countries. To do this, use our /iso2/xx testing parameter:

Test by country using any two digit ISO2 Country Code (“xx”).  e.g. us, gb, de
geni.us/Abc123/iso2/gb for the UK. gb = Great Britain.

You can also test your links by OS, device type, and date with the following parameters, though these are less commonly used by our clients:

Test by Operating System. e.g. Android, iOS, Mac%20OS%20X, Windows, Windows%20Phone, Windows%20RT

Test individual devices. e.g.  iPad, iPhone, iPod, Kindle, Kindle%20Fire

Test a specific date and time. e.g. YYYY-MM-DD or MM/DD/YYYY

Testing parameters for the WordPress plugins and programmatically built links (buy.geni.us/Proxy....)

Are you using the JavaScript Snippet, quick build format, or the Amazon / iTunes Link Engine plugins to programmatically build your links?

Simply add the parameter &targetiso2=xx to the end of any buy.geni.us link, where xx is a valid ISO2 country code. The country codes most commonly used by our clients are us, gb, de, fr, it, ca, & es.

For example, a programmatically built geni.us link, when clicked, will resolve to the store matching your geographic location:

Because the redirects happen very quickly the easiest way to verify that a link was forced to resolve for another country is to look for the flag button on the bottom right of the preview page that is loaded for iTunes. Also, you can also see the final storefront by looking at the landing page URL in your web browser. If you see /GB/ in the URL, it indicates the UK, based on the ISO2 code. If you see /US/, or no two character ISO2 code, it indicates the United States storefront.

Please note that this is purely for testing. The Geniuslink service detects where the click is coming from, and auto-magically translates and encodes the link appropriately. You should not, except for special circumstance, leave the &targetiso2=xx value on the end of your production URLs. 

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

iTunes Link Affiliation

For information on how to confirm affiliation on an iTunes link, check out this guide.

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