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Choice Pages

Let your visitors choose which store to purchase from

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Even with the world's smartest translation algorithm and our powerful advanced targeting features, it is not always possible to send every one of your customers to the perfect destination for them to make a purchase.

Sometimes, the best option is to provide your customers with exactly that: Options!

Geniuslink Choice Pages

With Choice Pages, you can send your audience to a custom landing page with multiple different options for purchasing the products you're promoting, instead of trying to guess the best destination for each of them.

To learn more about Choice Pages, their key benefits, and the results we've seen on how they perform, please check out the video below:

Getting Started

1. From the Links page, select New... then click Choice Page from the drop-down menu.

Alternatively, you can edit any existing link and convert it to a Choice Page by clicking the radio button:

2. Once you have selected the Choice Page option, give it a name (vanity URL) like you would with any other link.

3a. You can type in any Amazon product title to run a quick search by product name. Or, drop in an Amazon product URL. A list of matching products from 80+ retailers will show.

3b. If you'd like to link to a retailer that wasn't provided automatically, simply select Add a destination choice to continue adding more links to your landing page!

If we don't have a default button for a retailer you've chosen, you can upload your own image from either a URL or directly from your PC! You can even replace existing button images by clicking on them within the editor.

Note: Button images are displayed at a native resolution of 360 x 160px, so higher resolution images will be resized to fit. Keep this in mind when uploading your own image!

5. Once you've added all the destinations you want to your Choice Page, it's time to customize it! You can change the title, call to action text, or upload images for the product or your logo if you don't like what we're fetching by default.

6.  Decide which theme you want to use for your link! We offer a "Light" theme that has a plain white background (which looks great with product images from Amazon) or a "Dark Art" theme, which displays a nice blurred background image of the product - great for albums and books!

7. Once you've settled on your preferred design, you can save your page logo, call to action, and theme settings as your account defaults.

8. Once you click the Save button, you're all finished. Congratulations! You have created a beautiful customized Choice Page!

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