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Microsoft Store Affiliate Program: Quick Facts

Public & Private programs, Tradedoubler and Arvato..

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Countries supported:

Private: 53 via Tradedoubler (full list here)
Public: 38 via 15 different affiliate networks. (full details here) 

Commission Rate: 

Affiliate Window: 

24 hours to 14 days (additional details here)

"Public" vs. "Private" Affiliate Program

Since opening their affiliate program in 2008, Microsoft has paid out millions of dollars in commissions to their affiliates. Initially, the program was a collection of approximately 15 different affiliate networks supporting storefronts in 38 countries with lots of overlap. This collection of programs is now known as the “Public” Microsoft Affiliate Program. More information about how organization of affiliate networks and programs by country.

The “Private” program was launched in 2015 and is a collection of 51 programs (each pertaining to a specific store) that are all managed by Arvato on top of the Tradedoubler platform. This set up significantly simplifies the program as well as opens up the ability to earn commissions on an additional 13 storefronts. While the name may make it sound exclusive and invite-only, the application to the “Private Microsoft Affiliate Program” is nearly exactly the same and high quality affiliate publishers shouldn’t be concerned.

Geniuslink support is currently focused on the Private program. Contact us about supporting the public program.

Digital and Physical Products

The Microsoft Affiliate Program allows publishers to earn commissions on a variety of products as well as digital media sales and subscriptions.

Physical products includes hardware, boxed software, and cloud based software and services from Microsoft and its partners. This includes Xbox consoles, games and accessories as well as PCs, laptops, Surface, Office 365, and the Microsoft Band. These product links use the domain “”.

The number of products in stock varies between storefronts with approximately 2,000 in the US storefront, 1,500 in Canada, 750 in Germany, 650 in UK and France, and 150 in India.

The “productID” identifier within, links has been found to always be unique for the same product across storefronts.

Digital media is also sold, a la carte and via subscription, on the domain “” and eligable for commission via the Microsoft Affiliate Program. This includes Windows and Windows Phone apps and games, music from Groove, and movies and TV shows.

Unlike the physical products sold in the Microsoft Store, the “productID” identifier for digital media products stays the same regardless of the what storefront the product is found (with a few exceptions for movies).

Unfortunately, while the Private Microsoft Affiliate Program offers the ability to earn commissions in all 53 storefronts, not all media types are available in every storefront.

From our research, Windows and Windows Phone apps and games are available in 47 countries with Luxembourg, Costa Rica, Peru and Venezuela being the storefronts without support. Music was found to be available in 23 storefronts. TV shows and movies were found to be available in 20 international storefronts.

Key Players

Tradedoubler - For the Private program, Tradedoubler, the well known affiliate network based across Europe, is the technology provider but not the account manager. The Tradedoubler team is an awesome resource for dashboard specific questions. They can be contacted via the “Help” menu inside the Tradedoubler dashboard.

Arvato - Arvato, based in Germany, are the people who manage the Private program. They are the account managers and provide great client support. They can be contacted via the Affiliate Help Center on

Web vs. Mobile

Approved affiliate publishers are encouraged to use Microsoft Affiliate links within their website or apps. Both are supported.

Ready to get started? Check out our Getting Started documentation.

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