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Geniuslink's Support for Amazon Sub-Tags

If you have access to Amazon Sub-Tags, we've got you covered

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If you’re one of the lucky few Amazon Associates who have been granted sub-tag support, we understand that it’s important to make sure those sub-tags are passed through when the link is globalized. 

Rest assured, regardless of how you implement Geniuslink (Quick Build, Snippet, Amazon Link Engine plugin, etc), we will automatically pass on all of the sub-tags we find on your links – even when we globalize them. So if you have sub-tag support in more than just your base country, you’ll still be able to continue to track those metrics that are important to you.

Don’t have sub-tags? Have no idea what we’re talking about?

Don’t worry – you’re not alone. Sub-tags are special parameters that provide an additional way to “track” your links through Amazon’s stores with additional details (like where on the page your Amazon link was placed – side bar, footer, content, etc). They are only given out to a select few publishers and you may be able to ask your Account Manager, but generally the sub-tags are only available to Amazon’s top associates (don’t worry, you can still use Geniuslink’s tracking tag on your links even if you’re not a top affiliate).

Sub-tags are also country specific (just like the Amazon Associates programs), so just because you have sub-tags in one country does not necessarily mean you’ll get them in another.

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