Cloning Links

Copy your links to save time building links with similar rule sets! Our most flavorful article yet.

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Are you a Jedi Master obsessed with creating the perfect link army, or just need a way to iterate on that epic Advanced Link you created without having to rebuild all the rules? Either way, you'll probably find link cloning useful!

When you "clone" a link, you'll be copying that link and all of it's information, including Advanced Targeting Rules, Tags, Pixels, and Notes. This helps save time, and is especially useful if you've got links that contain a lot of custom information, like Choice Pages.

To clone a link:

1. Click the gear icon next to the link you wish to copy, this will open a menu with the different options you can choose for the link.

2. Select Clone and a new Link Options interface will open, allowing you to set a new vanity code, or edit other existing properties for the clone. You can even change the type of link if you just care about keeping the pixels or tracking tags from the original.

3. Click Save and you're done! Now you have a newly cloned link that can be used however you like.

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