How To Work Through Rejection

If you have trouble getting accepted into the Partnerize iTunes affiliate program, try these steps

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No, this isn't an article aimed at finding your soulmate, but rather how to get through the approval process for the iTunes / App Store Affiliate Programs.

If you receive a rejection letter from Partnerize, it's often because you're missing specific information on your website or mobile app, or the reviewers at Partnerize don't think your application is a good fit.

To avoid the potential rejection (we know it hurts), we recommend...

  1. Making sure the application is filled out completely and accurately.

  2. You have at least a splash page that includes a note explaining who you are and what you do. (E.g. "I'm an iOS app developer and have created these games!")

  3. Also, it's important that you are using a domain/ site that you control. Facebook pages, iTunes Preview pages, Twitter accounts, etc. aren't typically accepted.

  4. You are using the correct iTunes / App Store badges and following the Identity Guidelines correctly.

Sometimes, even if your application is accurate and your site is complete, the rejection can still come.

If you're outside of North America and are applying for the US, CA, and/or MX affiliate programs, you may get a "temp rejected" notice, but that doesn't mean you should give up! What you may need to do is write to the iTunes Affiliate program and appeal the rejection and ask them to look closer at your application. 

When you write the email, please be sure to include the following information:

  • Your affiliate program site ID

  • Acknowledgement that you can only earn commissions from sales in that country's program

  • Mention you are geotargeting your links

  • Request a manual review of your application.

We've even created an email template that you can use! Check it out right here. Please make sure to change any pertinent information so it matches the same info as your LinkShare account.

Having your application manually reviewed may take about a week. If you still don't have any luck, let us know and we can help figure out what further actions need to be taken with you.

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