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How do I add Affiliate Parameters?
How do I add Affiliate Parameters?

Add them one at a time on the Affiliate page.

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Geniuslink supports the global iTunes and Amazon affiliate programs to automatically affiliate each click with the appropriate parameter. Here's how to get that set up for your account:

  • From the Geniuslink dashboard, navigate to the Affiliate page.

  • Click on the blue Connect an affiliate program button (if the blue "auto-detect" box isn't already loaded).

  • Drop in an example affiliate link or affiliate token from one of your affiliate programs. With a few prompts, we'll do the rest. For help with getting your affiliate token, check out our guides for iTunes (Partnerize) and Amazon Associates

  • Click Connect this Program -- you are now one step closer to being a millionaire.

You can also view our short videos to get a visual walkthrough of the process:

Now clicks from the country you just associated the affiliate parameters with will start using those same parameters to earn you affiliate commission!

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