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What is Geo-Fragmentation?

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Many people don't realize that many of the world's largest online storefronts, such as iTunes and Amazon, are actually a collection of country and region specific storefronts. For Amazon, each of those storefronts have their own separate affiliate programs as well. This means your Associates ID is not earning you commissions in any country but the US.ย 

Genius Link solves this issue by allowing you to add every country's affiliate ID into our dashboard for both programs, then automatically appends the country/region specific affiliate ID for each click before sending the user on to their local storefront.

By using the Genius Link service to build and affiliate all of your iTunes and Amazon traffic, you not only ensure a better user experience through a single globalized link, but you will also receive all of your international affiliate commissions.

To learn more about how Genius Link works, check out our short video:
Please note: GeoRiot is now Geniuslink. We still have all of the same great features, plus a few more!

(Towards the end of the video, we mention a click share business model, which is no longer accurate. We now offer a subscription-based pricing structure!)

Learn more here about how to integrate iTunes and Amazon.

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