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Filtering clicks by Language
Filtering clicks by Language

Target your audience by their preferred language

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If you are advertising to an international audience, there is a good chance that not every single one of your customers speaks the same language in every country. This can make it very difficult to provide a seamless experience for everyone in your audience.

By setting an advanced rule for language, you can be sure that everyone in your audience is sent to the absolute best destination for their language. Whether you have language specific landing pages, or just want to send each customer to different storefronts that better suit their needs, you can now target them based off of their preferred language in order to provide the absolute best experience.

To get Started:

1. First, simply paste in a link to the link creator tool. ย 
Next, if you haven't already, turn your link into an Advanced link.
Select the "If..." button and you will see a menu pop up with all of the different advanced targeting options.
From here, hover over "Language..." and start typing in the language that you would like to target.

5. Language options will automatically populate as you type, and you can simply select the one that you would like to target and hit submit.
Once you have selected a language, paste in a new URL in the space provided to the right.
Add any other targeting rules that you would like, and then select the Save button once you are finished. That's it!

Your customers will now automatically be routed to each of your custom destinations based off of their preferred languages, which means better conversions and sales for you! Woohoo!

In addition, you can now learn more from your audience, by viewing your clicks and commissions by language on the language report tab.

Pro tip: Remember, these Language rules can be combined with any number of our other advanced targeting rules (country, device, OS, etc.), as well as with Choice Pages or A/B Split Test links, which means you can drill down even deeper to customize each of your customers' experiences.

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