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How Fast & Reliable are Links?
How Fast & Reliable are Links?

How fast we are, and why. Plus our server uptime monitor!

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We understand that speed and reliability are very important factors for any service you use. You'll be happy to know our platform is built to scale and that we've put a ton of measures in place to make sure we are always at your service. 

Your ability to convert clicks to sales is directly related to the speed at which your clicks are processed. At Geniuslink, we believe that putting our resources toward a rock solid global infrastructure is essential to your success as well as ours. 

Worldwide, a link is processed in roughly one tenth of a second before the next hop (Affiliate Network, iTunes, App Store, etc.). To give some perspective, geo-targeting services we’re familiar with take nearly 3x longer.

How can Geniuslink be that fast?

Our global infrastructure currently consists of servers spread over five regions with several servers at each location. Each region has it’s own independent sets of redundant load balancers, worker nodes and caches with dynamic fail overs. We use a top-end AnyCast DNS provider to ensure we are always serving clicks from the fastest data center to the end user, and, clicks are always routed to the server with the fastest response time at any given moment. We combine a mix of cloud and physical servers based on the type of workload and scale needs. 

In short, this means that no matter what country your link is being served in, it won’t have to travel far to get there and with a sustainable infrastructure in place, you can rest assured that your Geniuslink affiliate links will be supported indefinitely. Since inception we've seen an average of over 99.9% up time for all of our services, with most months hitting the 100% mark. If you have any other questions, you can always start a conversation with our support team as well.

Service Uptime, last 30 days.

Below you can catch a glimpse of our availability and uptime over the last 30 days, which is checked once a minute:

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