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Geniuslink Intro Guide (For Amazon Associates)

Connect your Associate tracking IDs and build some links!

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1. Log in and navigate to the Affiliate page:

2. Click the Add a program button

3. Select the relevant country from the drop-down list.

4. Paste in your Amazon Associates Tracking ID (e.g. “associate-21” for EU programs and “associate-20” for the US)  Then click Connect this program

5. You will see all of the countries and programs connected to Geniuslink at the bottom of the page.

Only have one or two IDs? Consider applying to more of the Amazon Associates programs to make the most out of your international traffic! 


You may want to create some separate Associates Tracking IDs specifically for Genius Link, rather than use your main Store IDs. This will allow you to track clicks and sales through Genius Link separately within your Amazon Associates dashboard.

For example: GLtrackingidUS-20, GLtrackingidUK-21, GLtrackingidFR-21, etc.



1. To create a globalized Amazon link navigate to the Links page
. Paste in an Amazon link in the space to the right of the blue New… button
3. Customize and organize by…

4. Click Save


That’s it! You have built a globalized link that will automatically send your customers to the correct product within their local storefront.

In addition, your country specific Amazon Associates Tracking IDs will be added automatically to ensure you receive credit for every click.

Finding the same product in different storefronts can be tricky sometimes, so we'll help find product matches with our patented 5-step translation process. links are dynamic, allowing you to edit your link from our dashboard and have the changes carried out everywhere the link is posted.


Curious where your international visitors will be sent when they click your link?

Be sure to test your links out before pushing them live!

To do so, simply paste your link into the address bar and add “/iso2/countrycode" to the end, where “countrycode” is a valid ISO2 country code, such as us, ca, or fr.

When you test, what you're looking for is that you land in the right storefront, with a matching product, and your country specific affiliate ID in the URL.


Is our translation algorithm not able to find the correct product in a foreign storefront? You can switch to an Advanced Link to set rules to send customers clicking from that country to a specific destination!

Learn about other ways to test links here!



From the Home page in your dashboard, you will be able to see click data for your links across a variety of different metrics.


  • Organize your links into Groups in order to better track your campaigns. (e.g. website, campaign1, campaign2, etc.)

  • Furthermore, add Tracking Tags to your links, in order to get even more granular data on each link. This will allow you to track a single link separately across different sources or campaigns. (e.g. “…?track=twitter” vs “…?track=facebook”)


Check out our Quick Start Guide to learn more about how to navigate the dashboard or learn about our other features, such as the WordPress plugin!

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