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Genius Link API

Integrate aspects of our service directly into your own development projects!

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What is the Genius Link API?

The Genius Link API is designed for developers who are creating their own application, website, or service. With the Genius Link API, you can now integrate certain aspects of our service directly into your own development projects. Using a simple API Query, you can:

  • Create or manage links

  • Add and edit groups

  • Watch affiliate tags

  • View click trend reports for product, destination, referrer, device, etc., by hour, day, month, or lifetime.

  • And more!

How do I access the API?

To access the Genius Link API, follow these simple steps:

  1. If you do not already have your API keys, navigate to the Tools page within your dashboard, then scroll down until you see the Integrate with our API header. Click the Add an API key button.

  2. Next, go to and click the Authorization button.

  3. Paste the API "Key" and "Secret" into the designated boxes.

  4. [Optional] Fill the X-Impersonate box with your sub-account username to make requests on behalf of your sub-account. Learn more below.

  5. Choose a version (latest version: v3), then click Show/Hide.

If you prefer to use other tools (such as Postman) to make requests, ensure that the following headers are provided:



You can also make requests as your sub-account by providing your sub-account username as the X-Impersonate header value. Learn more below.

Making requests as your sub-account

If you manage multiple sub-accounts, you can use the primary account's API key and secret to make requests on behalf of any of your sub-accounts. Simply provide the X-Impersonate header with the desired sub-account username as the value prior to making requests. Note that:

  • Providing the X-Impersonate header means acting as your sub-account. For example, any new links or groups you create will be saved under your sub-account instead of the primary account

  • This feature is not available on v1 and v2

  • The sub-account feature is only included in some pricing plans, but it is also available as an add-on

We highly recommend to use the https version of our service which has the same paths, except with https:// instead of http://

We would love to see what you can create, and how you will utilize the technology!

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