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How do I delete a link?
How do I delete a link?

Deleting vs. Archiving

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When it comes to managing your links, you might have noticed that there isn't an option to delete a link. The reason we do this is to prevent links from breaking after they've been shared online because if a link was fully deleted from a user's account, then any copy shared online previously would not be able to resolve correctly when someone tries to click it. (Which wouldn't seem very Genius!)

To solve this problem, we use "Archiving" as a simple way to hide a link from your view in the Dashboard, without actually deleting the link and its information.

Archiving and Restoring Links

To Archive a link, simply click the check box next to the link you wish to hide and then hit the "Archive Selected" button.

Since an archived link still exists in our database, it will still be translated and affiliated properly online, and we even still track the click data, however, it won't be reported on in your Dashboard while the link is archived.

Need to make an edit to an old link, or just accidentally archived a new one? No problem!

You can restore an archived link at any time by clicking the "Include Archived" bubble, and then clicking the checkbox next to the link you wish to restore.

A "Restore Selected" button will then pop up, allowing you to bring back any old link you've archived previously.

That's all there is to it! Now you're ready to use archiving to better manage your links and stay organized.

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