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How to Enable Commissions Reporting for iTunes

Import a JSON API link into your Geniuslink dashboard to view Partnerize commissions

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{UPDATE: iTunes Commissions Reporting, as well as iTunes Conversion Reporting, are no longer available as of December 17, 2020}

1. Jump into your Partnerize account.
2. Navigate to the Reporting page
3. On the right hand side click the blue download icon to bring up the Report Download Options.
4. Copy the JSON API Link in the upper left hand corner.

5. Return to the Affiliate page in your Geniuslink Dashboard.
6. Click on the yellow "Enable commission reporting" box.

7. Select Partnerize from the drop down menu.
8. Paste the API or CSV link from your Partnerize Reporting page into the field provided and click Save.

9. On the Home page Performance report, be sure to select 'iTunes' from the All Links drop-down menu. You will now see your commissions begin to populate as your clicks start converting to sales!

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