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By default, the Link Creator tool will give you access to everything you need to easily create the world's most powerful and intelligent short links.  For most clients, this tool will be the go-to source for creating links, giving you the ability to customize your URL suffixes, add advanced targeting rules, create retargeting pixels, and much more. 

For those who have special requirements, or need to build large numbers of links at once, check out our programmatic link creation tools. For everyone else, read on to learn how to create the most powerful links on the web, with the Link Creator Tool.

What is this tool best used for?

The Link Creator is the best option for anyone who wants a customized short link, that can be:

  • Routed to different destinations based off of device type, operating system, country, or time

  • Used to retarget users with your Facebook and Google Adwords Remarketing pixels

  • Tracked using customized tracking tags; and much more. Link Creator Features

Here's a short video that'll walk through some best practices for building Amazon affiliate links. If you're not involved in the Amazon Associates program (consider signing up!), this is still worth a watch, as we describe the purpose of each piece of the Link Creator page for a simple link. 

Here's more info about these features:

  • Create your own custom "vanity URL" suffix, to enhance your marketing efforts. 

  • Please note: Codes are case sensitive, and special characters and spaces are not valid.


  • Stay organized by grouping your links, and get access to per-group analytics to track your click data coming from different places. Learn More.

Tracking Tags

  • Tracking Tags help you analyze link performance from yet another angle, at another level of granularity.  For example, use the tags "Facebook" and "twitter" for the links you post to each, then compare your clicks, commissions, etc. between the two.


  • This can be used anyway you see fit. Leave a note for the rest of the team, or jot down something you don't want to forget.

Advanced Targeting

  • Advanced Targeting rules allow you to redirect click traffic by device, country, operating system, etc. This allows you to have one link that works for all devices, in all countries, for all of your users.  For example, send Android clicks to Google Play, iPhone clicks to the iTunes App Store, and Kindles to the Amazon Apps for Android stores.  

Tracking Pixels

  • Retargeting / tracking pixels for Facebook and Google Adwords Remarketing can be added to each of your links, in order to retarget your customers, or create custom audiences. Learn More.

To learn more about all of the above features, Check out our tutorial on the Links page in your Dashboard. Please note: if the tutorial does not pop up automatically, simply click on the question mark in the upper right hand corner of your dashboard.

Managing your Links

  • Once you have built your links, test them out to see how they work from different countries, devices, operating systems, and more. Learn more.

  • Want to add additional advanced targeting rules, update the original Link, or add tracking tags / tracking pixels to a previously created link? No problem, simply click the edit button next to each link you want to edit.

  • Archive links by simply checking the box next to the link and then click "Archive selected" above.  Note: This will not fully delete the link from your account. We prevent full deletion of links to avoid broken links in the wild and a poor user experience for anyone who may stumble across that link. 

  • To Restore a link, simply select the "Show archived" button, check the box next to the link you wish to restore, and click "Restore selected" above.

  • Simply click the gear icon to the right of a link and select "Clone link" from the drop-down menu to easily duplicate everything about a link - including all the Advanced rules you created!

Send to Buffer

  • Connect your Buffer account to your Geniuslink dashboard, in order to easily schedule social posts for each of your links. Learn more.

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