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How to enable per link overrides for Amazon using the Quick Build format
How to enable per link overrides for Amazon using the Quick Build format

Include a full set of override tracking IDs into one Quick Build link

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By default, the Amazon tracking IDs in your Geniuslink account are applied account wide, meaning they are automatically added to each link you create. You can utilize group overrides to apply a different set of tracking IDs per group

If you're using Quick Build links, you can take this a step further and manage which affiliate tags are used per link using our “amazon-ids-by-cc” parameter.

The value is an encoded comma separated list of all of the overrides you want to add in the format of “country name equals affiliate ID.”

For example, let's imagine you have the following tracking IDs you want to use as overrides (instead of the IDs on your Affiliate page):

  • US=UStest-20

  • CA=CAtest-20

  • GB=UKtest-21

  • DE=DEtest-21

  • FR=FRtest-21

  • ES=EStest-21

  • IT=ITtest-21

Add all of these into a comma seperated list, with amazon-ids-by-cc= at the start.
Yout parameter would be: 


Next, you’ll need to properly encode your parameter, which turns it into: 


Once you have your list of IDs in an encoded format, pass this parameter into the URL you want overridden (your Quick Build link).
For example: 8988&

NOTE: If you are using the 'amazon-ids-by-cc' parameter, it will automatically override any affiliate tags in your account with whatever you add in the parameter. We do not do any validation to ensure your overrides are correct so please make sure to test your links before pushing live!

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