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Why don't I see any affiliate commissions in my Geniuslink dashboard?
Why don't I see any affiliate commissions in my Geniuslink dashboard?

Amazon doesn't make this information available to us, but iTunes does!

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UPDATE: As of November 2015, Amazon no longer provides third-party's with affiliate commission data, so we cannot currently provide commission reporting for Amazon Associate accounts. Commission reporting for Partnerize iTunes affiliates is still available by following the steps below.

In order to see sales and commission reports in the Genius Link dashboard you'll need to provide your affiliate program reporting tokens. These are in addition to your affiliate tracking parameters and allow Genius Link to connect with the affiliate networks to import your data.

Follow these instructions to get started. It will take a few hours to initially get the imports started then it will update on a daily basis. 

If you've added your reporting token(s) but are still not seeing any sales / commissions in the Genius Link dashboard, then please verify that there are sales and commissions being reported in your Partnerize dashboard and that you've added the correct reporting tokens into your Genius Link account.

If you're still not seeing commissions / sales information in our dashboard, let us know and we'll help you determine why.

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