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How do I Navigate the Dashboard?
How do I Navigate the Dashboard?

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The Geniuslink dashboard allows you to not only build and create links, but also gives you access to the most in depth link reporting metrics available. Below is an overview of how to navigate the Dashboard, and what tools and information is available on each page:


The Home page on the dashboard gives you access to an incredible amount of reporting metrics to help you enhance your marketing efforts.  

  • These include total clicks and commissions over time; top ten Links, Groups, Tags, and Product Types; as well as click trends based on Referrers, Devices, Operating Systems, Browsers, and Destinations.  

Use these metrics to learn more about your audience, and see how to enhance your marketing campaigns to maximize each link's conversion rate. 

To learn more about navigating the Home page, sign into your account, and check out our walkthrough tutorial.  (Please note, if the tutorial does not appear automatically, simply click on the grey question mark in the upper right hand corner to get started.)

Learn more about the advanced metrics offered by Geniuslink here.


The Links page allows you to build, edit and manage all of your links. 

  • Here you can build links with the link creator tool, organize your links into groups, add tracking tags, create advanced targeting rules, and add retargeting pixels to create the most intelligent links on the planet.
    Learn more about creating and managing links.

    Please check out our walkthrough tutorial to learn more about creating links. (Please note, if the tutorial does not appear automatically, simply click on the grey question mark in the upper right hand corner to get started.)

  • In addition, you can edit, archive, and view stats on each individual link from this page. 

The Links page also includes links to our other link building tools so you can find the best link building method for your needs.


  • The Groups page allows you to add new groups, archive / restore old groups, edit group names and descriptions, as well as view stats on a per group basis.  Learn more about Groups.



  • If you are using the iTunes or Amazon Affiliate programs, the Affiliate page is the key to earning global affiliate commissions from all of your links. Here you can add / remove all of your affiliate parameters for all of the Affiliate Programs you are participating in.  Once you have input all of your parameters, the Geniuslink service will automatically affiliate all of your links with the correct parameters for your user's storefront.  

    For example, if a user from Germany clicks on your link, your German Associates parameter will be used. If a user from the UK clicks on your link, your UK parameter will be used. This ensures that no matter where in the world your users click from, you will earn the affiliate commissions you deserve. 

  • In addition, if you are using more than one affiliate tag per program, you can add "Affiliate Overrides" for different groups of links, in order to "override" the default affiliate parameters with a custom one when required.

  • Finally, the affiliate page allows you to enter your commission reporting information, in order to track commissions for all of your clicks within the iTunes and Amazon ecosystems. This gives you even more reporting metrics, including the most advanced conversion metric available for iTunes, the True Conversion Score


  • The Tools page is where you can find information for implementing the JavaScript Snippet and Amazon / iTunes Wordpress Plugins. It's also where you'll generate the API keys needed to setup these converting tools.

  • You can enable mid-month performance report emails, activate iTunes conversion reporting, and input Retargeting Pixel scripts.

  • You'll also find links for installing our Chrome Extension or integrating your Buffer account.


To access the Account page, just click on your profile icon on the top-right of the dashboard and click 'Account'.

  • This is where you can view your current invoices and billing history.

  • There are options to edit your account profile and update your billing details.

  • You can also switch over to our newest plan or cancel your account.

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